Juli 12, 2015

Little Rant

Hi its been a while since I haven't post anything here (even its only for 5 days tho)

Um I just want to write a little rant about all what I learned today. It may seems complaining, but its not. I swear. It's just putting what's on my thoughts. Thats all.

Okay, so I have a penpal from Victoria, Australia. And he's still a teenager.  Normal teenager.  He's 19. He's nice to talk to (besides he promised not gonna be an arse to me haha).
So, we just talked until it takes a journey to talk about all our problems, fears, and biggest mistakes.
And he told me that he's still a virgin (actually thats really shocked me. Bcs you know, teenagers like him on the country like that...that would be rare, right?) But I really appreciate that tho cs he dont really thinks thats that was odd or pathetic.
Then, it comes to the time when he told me that he just asked a girl out and she just like "ugh oh god no, like hell I would date you" then processed to tell all her friends there which ofcourse spread. And made him be "the laughing stock of everyone". But he still think that she's nice. He said that they've known each other for a lifetime and they've been flirting back and forth. And now, that he's a broken mess he came to me and cried his eyes out like no other tomorrow.  But for me, as the best penpal (im still trying tho), I had no other choice otherthan to help him regain his self esteem back.

And from the story above, I have my own conclusion.
I know I'm just one of a little human being in this whole wide world. But I cant believe it that there are some people that acting like that girl. Acting like they own the world just because of their outer. I mean, its normal if you rejected but why cant you just not tell it to other people that will make a person really down and shit. Making other people bad about themselves? That's just the lowest part of humans.