Februari 11, 2017

Thank You

She didn't know that it would comes out to be like this,
She didn't even plan to feel it,
She didn't know who he is before,
But it feels like he has known her for a long time;
She thought it was just a temporary chatter,
She thought maybe after 2 months he will run away,
She thought all that he said were only  lies,
But he prove her wrong by stay still even she left him for months.

She is sorry for being hard to him,
She is sorry for ever doubted him,
She is sorry for not believing in him,
She is sorry if he ever feels like she took him for granted.
Yes, she dated before him,
But, they are different,
He is different;

He calls her names,
Sweet names like it is her true name.
And him?
He is her Matcha Ice Cream.

Thanks for all the laugh,
Thanks for trusting in her,
Thanks for staying through all of her shit.

She knows she can't thank him enough,
She knows why it didn't work out with anyone else,
Because if it clicks with someone else,
She wouldn't meet him,
And that is the worst thing.

- Your Matcha Lover -